Death Blossoms Public Logs
-Maintained by Mechalink
-GMed by Michael

Characters/Players (in order of appearance)
Kiku Eriko : Mechalink
Keika (and her bird Karasu) : RDMgryphon
Nova Ares : Elfy
Hinako Satoshi : Ruri-Ruri
Brunhilde 'Hilde' Kohogan : Alt-Eisen
Kula Marel : Demota

Session 0Criminal Partners, but not Partners in Crime.
Session 1
The Slythe... Fail to Attack!
A Messy Kiku, Amused Keika.
Session 2Dropping like Flies
Session 3
Mental Traumas
Girls Gone Kaiju Movies!
Session 4A Major, Marraige, and a New Blossom
Session 5Friendly Hospital Visit
Session 6
Critically Radioactive!
Eating Out, with Kiku and Keika
Session 7
Planet Under Attack by Blue Aliens While Heroes Go Shopping! More at 11.
Hotel Hijinx
Session 8Another Meal... Another (Cowardly) Interruption
Session 9Jamming and Other Gifts
Session 10
As One Blooms, Two Wilt
(Quite) A Few Harsh Words
Tasty Recovery
An Uninterrupted Breakfast? Slythe Must Be Losing Their Touch...
Session 11Exploding Katamari Araki?
Session 12Disastrous Hints and New Hope
Session 13Pale Flower and the Icky Realities of Space
Session 14Last Night on Earth...?
Session 15Chaotic Coping
Session 16
Final Preperations, Nasty Revelations
An Eager Illegal Search
Session 17Going Into Space is HARD
Session 18Beginning of the End?
Session 19
Nobody Wins, but Life Goes On
So Far Away From Home

Media and Stuff
Kiku (pencil) by Sakana
(Unofficial) Theme Song: Smashmouth - Defeat You
Kiku's Theme: Stabbing Westward - Inside You
Keika's Theme: Rob Dougan - Furious Angels (from the Matrix Reloaded OST)

Other Things
Official Chargen Rules